"CMI staff has consistently demonstrated the ability to analyze, anticipate, and influence multiple issues in real-time mode. These capabilities have had a profound, positive impact on the provision of cancer care in the United States."

Ron Russell, MD, Radiation Oncologist, Mobile, Alabama


"Always good to work with the CMI staff. They are strong collaborators."

Joseph S. Bailes, MD, Former Executive Vice President, American Society of Clinical Oncology



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Serving Healthcare Associations for More Than 30 Years...

At (c) Management, Inc., (CMI) our mission is to provide trusted and dynamic management services for associations, foundations, and non-profits in the healthcare field. CMI offers a unique approach, matching strong logistical, financial, and meeting support capabilities with experienced legislative and regulatory expertise. And CMI is among a select group of association management companies that have achieved AMC Institute accreditation.

Like many association management companies, CMI provides high-quality services. However, our management services go well beyond the basics. Over our 30 years of service, we have developed special expertise and have demonstrated success in four key areas:

Strategic Planning and Implementation

CMI works with 18 different healthcare provider organizations to develop and implement strategic plans. CMI helps Boards develop strategic plans that 1) meet the organization's budget, 2) are measurable, and 3) include milestones and outcomes. Meeting the goals of these strategic plans becomes part of a yearly evaluation of how well CMI performs and delivers services.

Fundraising and Development

Resources are critical to any provider organization. With oversight from the organization's board, CMI creates, implements, and manages an individual fundraising plan based on client needs. By carefully identifying and vetting potential partners, CMI has increased the fundraising and development balances for all our clients.

Meetings and Education

All membership organizations ask, "What have you done for me lately?" CMI uses its expertise in adult learning and education to create and produce national, regional, and local programs that keep membership engaged and active throughout the year, rather than just during the annual meeting. Each year, CMI manages more than 50 meetings and produces a variety of fully funded educational programs that included web-based tools and print publications.

Advocacy and Policy

CMI uses its expertise to educate policy makers about issues as well as educate client membership about how legislation and new regulations affect them. Over the years, CMI has developed relationships with policy makers at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the National Cancer Institute, the Institute of Medicine, and on specific congressional committees. CMI uses these relationships on behalf of our clients to address the "big" issues such as healthcare reform and other more technical concerns such as billing and coding and coverage of services.

In 2011, CMI was awarded accreditation by AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the Association Management industry. Among 500-plus Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, around 70 have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation, demonstrating CMI's commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association, foundation, and not-for-profit clients.