(c) Management Inc.’s Statement on Recent Events Across America

In these extraordinary times, (c) Management, Inc., (CMI) stands with its clients and their communities who have been impacted by multiple pandemics, including COVID-19 and the recent high-profile events which have demonstrated a complex collection of societal issues, including explicit and implicit bias, trauma, and structural barriers to change.

For over forty years, CMI has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest level of professional management services to its association and not-for-profit clients. Our workplace fosters learning, growth, and community for all employees, and we affirm our core values of excellence, innovation, integrity, teamwork, commitment, quality, and accountability.

CMI is committed to working with its clients to better understand the effects of structural racism on underserved communities and healthcare access to improve outcomes. We pledge to continue to support our clients’ work on the federal and state level to advocate for quality cancer care delivery, reduce clinical trial and outcomes disparities, and address access inequities.

Lois and I also stand committed to working with everyone to better understand how racism has affected your life and how we (as CMI) can do better as a community of people. We encourage you to reach out to us with any suggestions or thoughts you may have on how we can support you during this challenging time.

Be safe and stay well,

Christian G. Downs, JD, MHA
President and CEO

Lois Utterback, CPA
Vice President

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