"The leadership at (c) Management, Inc., is talented, accessible, and wonderful to work with. Staff members are good "coaches" for the Board of Trustees and keep us, as well as all membership, apprised of current issues. Furthermore, staff operates in a continuous process improvement mode, and takes great pride in their work."

Ernest R. Anderson, Jr., MS, RPh, 2008–2009 President,
Association of Community Cancer Centers

"In my 23 years with this association management company, I’ve seen lots of changes. One constant is the dedicated CMI staff. Everyone here is committed to doing their part to benefit the client, and, ultimately, the patient with cancer."

Carol Bennett, Director of Human Resources, with CMI for 23 years



About Us

About Us

(c) Management, Inc., (CMI) has the experience, expertise, and vision to position your association, foundation, or non-profit as a leader and trendsetter within your field. We offer:

  • Highly Qualified Personnel. Our staff members have impressive hands-on experience and extensive education in the healthcare arena.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Insight. We know first-hand what's happening on Capitol Hill and at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  • Longevity and Experience. Over more than 30 years in the association management business, CMI has developed a comprehensive network of close relationships with leaders in various government agencies and advocacy organizations, as well as with pharmaceutical and device manufacturers. Drawing on this wealth of knowledge and resources, our staff brings our clients exceptional value.
  • The "Right" Size. Our staff of more than 30 professionals allows personal attention to and interaction with clients. Clients do not get lost in a large bureaucracy.

Why Choose CMI?

Clients choose and stay with CMI because of our unique approach to Association support. CMI has developed strategies to help our client organizations build reserves and fund high-priority projects. Our clients have significant reserves at the end of each year.

CMI maintains a stable senior staff who can help clients impact the policy process at the state and national levels. One marker of our success is the significant amount of legislation for which CMI staff can take some measure of credit. We've helped design changes to laws in 39 states, affecting both Medicare and Medicaid patients.

The quality of our personnel, our legislative and regulatory insight, our longevity, and our experience help our clients meet or exceed their business objectives.

Our History

Established in 1976 as ELM Services, Inc., our company's first client was the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). This organization was founded by oncologists, and, under our management, began to reflect the multidisciplinary face of oncology. Included among its expanding membership were oncology nurses, hospital and physician practice administrators, medical directors, social workers, and cancer registrars employed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, physician practices, hospice and home care, and free-standing cancer centers.

Under our leadership, ACCC thrived and membership increased. ACCC was later joined by 17 state medical oncology society clients.

In January 2007 the company was sold to two long-term employees, Christian Downs and Lois Utterback, and subsequently was renamed (c) Management, Inc.

In 2015, CMI was awarded re-accreditation by AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the Association Management industry. Among 500-plus Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, about 85 have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation, demonstrating CMI's commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association and not-for-profit clients.

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